About Cleguerec and Central Brittany

Cleguerec boasts a small Saturday market held in the town square, a very good supermarket (Open until 8pm and Sunday mornings), and a good range of shops, restaurants and bars. There is also a new medical centre and pharmacy.

Many events take place in the town especially during the summer months. The not to be missed pre-historic covered standing stone alignment (Allee Coverte) is on the edge of the town.

In May 1869 a fireball appeared in the sky over Central Brittany, the 80kg meteorite (Chondrite) made landfall at Cleguerec – the impact created a 2m crater and was heard 70 kms away in Vannes.


Some of the things to do in the area:

The quiet roads and lanes in our local area are perfect for walking, cycling or motorcycling.

We are a short drive from Lake Guerlédan for swimming, and the Nantes-Breast canal with it’s peaceful foot / cycle path.

For splendid walks the Quenecan forest is on our doorstep – locally known as ‘The Big Oak’ and reputedly home to many Wild Boar!

15 mins to the large market town of Pontivy and Napoleon’s Chateau or Mur de Bretagne, the hydro-electric dam and at near by St-Aignan the famous, Museum of Electricity.

At Mur de Bretagne you can also access the large network of disused railway foot / cycle paths.

The ruined Abbey of Bon Repose, a beautiful spot on the canal with a fabulous summer Sunday Market, and a ‘Son a Lumiere’ during August is 20 minuets away.

In nearby Gourarec each summer there is a spectacular garden to visit with open days in support of the Abbey.

30 mins away is the ‘properly’ French Tuesday market at Rostrenen.

The North and South coasts of Brittany and the standing stone alignment at Carnac are an hour or so away. As are the bustling city of Rennes and the beautiful medieval castle at Josselin.

Public transport is limited so you will need your own transport.